Hair is one of the characteristics that distinguish the mammals, so why is it such an important topic, well because for one it is the crown of feminity for women, and contributes to their overall outlook? Men also cherish their hair, and that is why there are toupees for those with bald heads. Hair loss can be attributed to a number of things some of which are man inflicted and others that are biological.

Hair thinning, or hair loss, has been a perennial problem since the era of Julius Caesar and that is where we come in; at Hair Juve we are passionate about re-growing your hair. You must have noticed how people are struggling with hair loss, either the patterned hair loss or breaking to bald spots and the like. Now our mission is to help you retain your crown, or rather re-grow if you had already lost it.

Caring for your hair is one of the simplest things to do but yet so difficult, given that we have so much to focus on our daily lives. We, therefore, don’t blame you for lack of time and that is probably one of the reasons that you can barely spare 30 minutes to see what your hair needs. Your hair needs attention like any other aspect of your life, simple tasks like combing, using the protective hair oils or avoiding heat could help you gain thicker hair.

We know that you want a quick fix in the morning or when going to a party or dinner and this involves the use of harsh chemicals, too much heat or the application of hair color. Well, the above are some of the factors that contribute to hair thinning apart from medical reasons. The simple short word is “Stop” doing all the above and if you must, use protective oils, shampoos and conditioners.

Apart from a good hair care routine, and a healthy diet with the necessary nutrients to nourish your hair, we do present you with hair supplements and vitamins. The latter are used to enhance hair growth and prevent hair loss, most of the supplements featured at Hair Juve have been equipped with the B-vitamins, which are a necessary building block for strong healthy hair.

Our aim, therefore, is to ensure that you have the right information on what to look for when you want to invest in an effective hair supplement and the type of nutrients that should be incorporated to assist you in your hair recovery journey.